on the power of words...

"In the beginning was the Word"  John1:1

In an age full of information there has never been an attack on words like there is today. It may be one of the Enemy's sneakiest attacks. Without us knowing it, he is making a whole culture deaf and dumb. Words about nature or being removed from the dictionary and being replaced with Chat Room and Algorithm.  Everything is being reduced to text abbreviations, little squares and selfie streaks.

I have been thinking about words and how powerful they are. It is how we identify the things around us and how we learn who we are. The beauty of words has its origin in the very beginning of time when God spoke the world into being with His Word. (Genesis 1:1) Words are beautiful and powerful. They have the ability to breathe life into another soul. Just as Jesus did when He breathed His Spirit onto the disciples. (John 20:22) Take away our words and you take away something that makes us like our Creator. Something that helps us know our Creator. We become deaf and dumb. We are unable to communicate with the world around us. We become isolated and then we do hear words- Lies, from the father of lies. "You don't have enough followers, know one 'likes' your life, it is worthless." The enemy still uses words. We can fight the enemy. We are not defeated. We have the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God (Eph. 6:17) Let us learn a new word this week. Let us have a face to face conversation with someone instead of texting. Let us realize we are "liked" by the one who Created us. Let us identify ourselves with His Word.








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