Customize Your Heart's Guard

Customize Your Heart's Guard

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Tell your story with few words

Choose a word to point towards a goal or remind yourself of a discipline, whichever you choose, take back control of you device with a visual cue and put it on your Heart's Guard screen protector. 

A few suggestions for customizing your Heart's Guard:

"Tell your story"     "Visual Cue"    "key word of the month/year"  

"Personalize by name"     "Character growth: Love, Patience, Kindness, Joy"


Factoid from 2015 Barna study:
36% of the world uses smartphones.

Factoid from research by another firm in 2016:
A cellphone user picks up or touches phone on average 2,600 times a day.

Includes: Glass screen protector, installation kit, and installation instructions.