About us

           It’s been said that your walk is only as strong as your convictions.  Of all the convictions my wife and I share in common, one that captivates our discussions often is how we choose to invest in family time.

          In this season of life, we embrace the joy and responsibility of raising and teaching the kids that God has entrusted to us.  One of the greatest influencers of culture today is the screen.  We realized in our own lives that, whether it was T.V., computer, iPad, or phone, screens captured much of our valuable time and attention.  It was time to take back control of our devices.  We had an idea, implemented it, and after a few months of experiencing it for ourselves, we shared it with a few friends.  Our friends encouraged us to do something more with this unique idea.  Prayer propelled us and we read a verse that defined our intentions well for pursuing it further.  Proverbs 4:12 “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it spring the issues of life.” 

          Our hope is that your Heart’s Guard screen protector will work for you as it did for us and people in our community; as a visual cue, a signpost, to take back control of your devices.